GCompris Lubuntu Dell Inspiron 910

September 10, 2017

Bringing back old laptop with fresh look and feel is awesome.

This Dell Inspiron 910 was belong to my kids’s aunt. She said, this 910 was 5 years buried in her electronic garbage box.

She took 910 and made it clean for my daughter, Kanaya, as a gift. Well somehow, kids very happy to play alphabet on keyboard.

I was checking this 910, its SSD 16GB chip is broken and battery is fail.

Instead of replace with new SSD chip, I remove this part and plug tiny 4GB USB drive stick as its default storage.

The question is, which OS that lightweght, friendly, and efficient with this 910 condition.
After doing little research, Lubuntu is the most suitable.

No special recipe to bringing up 910 with Lubuntu. I use rufus to make Lubuntu ISO bootable to USB drive and later install the Lubuntu from this USB drive to 4GB USB drive. But there is wireless function issue.

Thanks to linuxmintforum , this is a magic trick to fix the issue, I call it unfair awesomeness hahahaha 🙂

Everything works perfect and I put GCompris for my kids.
I think GCompris is good educational games for small children.


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